Kickstarter find - Necronautilus

Kickstarter find - Necronautilus

 11.29.2020 -  Bruce Kroeze -  ~1 Minute

This summer, I decided to dedicate some money to funding other peoples' dreams in a way that I would also enjoy.

That’s a nice way of saying that I starting funding a lot more Kickstarter projects. This is one of my favorites from summer, Necronautilus  

This was a present for one of my friends. He’s a metal guitarist and is a member of my regular gaming group. I was pretty sure he’d like it and his reaction more than confirmed that guess.

“Dude, the character sheet is a skull! Every page is DEATH and METAL.”

Who’d have thought a rules-light RPG about amorphous, gaseous “Death Agents” would be so attractive to my friend? (Me, the answer is me.)

I’ve promised I’ll run a one-shot for him with the Necronautilus rules. I’ll have to think up some suitably gonzo setting and setup for it.